Arri Alexa Plus Camera Package (Used)

17-50mm - $3100

​85mm - $2000

The RPZ 17-50mm recently came from service at Red and is given a clean bill of health. It is in good cosmetic condition, only slight signs of use on the barrel. 
The optics are clean, coating intact, no cleaning marks on either side. Very little of microscopic dust inside that does not affect the image.
I've had this lens from new and sent it to Red to be converted to V2 when that option became available.

RPP 85mm is in near mint condition inside and out. Glass and coating is sparkling clear. Sound mechanically. Great companion to the RPZ 17-50mm.
There's a little ding on the outside rim of the barrel (see photo with green circle), purely cosmetic. Something that occurred in are client lens bag. Are client is the first and only owner. Originally $4500 new.

Odyssey 7Q kit (Used)

Red Epic-X Dragon #07132 -

Hours of Operation: 125
Red Titanium PL mount
Red Titanium Canon EF mount - $2000
Interchangeable OLPF kit
1.8" Side SSD (not mini-mag)
2x 128GB SSD - $750 each
1x 64GB SSD - $400

1x Wooden Cam 15mm Bridgeplate - $499
1x Wooden Cam Battery Slide for Epic - $199
1x Wooden Cam V-mount plate - $299
1x Wooden Cam C-Box SDI/HDMI Distribution Module w. V-mount plate - $699
1x Wooden Cam A-Lock for Redmote - $99
1x Wooden Cam NATO Clamp - $99
1x Wooden Cam Lightweight 15mm Rod Bracket - $140
1x Wooden Cam Lightweight 15mm Rod Clamp - $99
1x Wooden Cam Studio 15mm Rod Clamp - $99
1x Wooden Cam Nato clamp bracket - $99
1x Wooden Cam 100mm Nato rail - $99
1x Wooden Cam 15mm top EVF tube mount - $95
1x Wooden Cam UVF / LCD Mount - $449
1x Wooden Cam NATO Handle Kit (Rubber) - $170
1x Wooden Cam Easy Riser - $160
1x Wooden Cam 8" bolt on dovetail - $180
1x Wooden Cam Easy Top Plate - $249
1x Red side handle - $950
1x Redmote - $550
1x 5" Red LCD touch screen - $1500
1x Red Bomb LCOS EVF - $3200
1x Ambient Epic Timecode cable (Lemo to SDI) - $125
1x 8" pair iris rods - $30
1x Red DSMC Rear Body Cap - $20
3x EVF cables - $175 each
1x Epic AC adapter / power supply - $135
1x small Noga arm - $99
1x STHL OLPF - included w. body
1x LLO OLPF - $195
1x Red station 1.8" esata/USSB2/FW800 w. cables and power supply - $250
2x Redvolts - $515
1x Redvolt Single Battery Charger w. AC Cable - incl. with Redvolts
1x Custom cut ECM camera case - $500

Camera & accessories

Red Pro Zoom 17-50mm T2.9 and Red Pro Prime 85mm T1.8 (Used)

Canon C300 Mark I EF Mount (Used)

Blackmagic 4K EF w/ cage, external battery kit, 240GBssd (Used)

Arri Alexa #EI26356 Camera Package (Used)

Blackmagic 4K EF with F&V Cage (w/ handle), Hawkwoods DV-F external battery kit (w/ 2x DV-980), 240GB Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD (w/ enclosure) & DaVinci Resolve 11.


Minor scratches on the camera body and cage, other than that all of the kit is in very good condition. Are client only used it for personal projects and it has well under 500 hours (since purchased new 11 months ago).

All boxes are original and in equally great condition. (lens is for demonstration purposes solely... unfortunately.)


They have only been used by are client. Purchased new from Duclos so are client will send them there for checkup before they go to a buyer. The lenses are in excellent condition with no mechanical or optic issues.

Canon CN-E Prime Set 14, 24, 35, 50, 85 (Used)


 Includes: Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q, 2 x Convergent Design 256 Go SSD, Convergent Design NP-F style battery plate and Sony FS700 Raw Option (allows 4K RAW, 240fps 2K RAW, 4Prores etc on FS700). So this is a ready to use kit (if you have classic NP-F batteries).



1 Arri ALEXA High Speed Digital Cinema Camera 
1 Electronic Viewfinder for Arri Alexa camera
1 Mounting Bracket for Arri Alexa EVF
1 EVF Extension for Arri Alexa
1 Short EVF cable for Arri Alexa
1 Medium EVF Cable for Arri Alexa
1 Lexar 2GB SD card for Arri Alexa w/ case 
1 Arri Alexa Top Handle
1 Wedgeplate Adapter for Arri Alexa
1 Arri Alexa Leveling Block
1 Arri Alexa Handle Extension Block w/ Tape Hook
1 Anton Bauer Gold Mount Adapter for Alexa

4 Anton Bauer Hytron 140 Battery
1 Anton Bauer TM4 quad charger 15.4v w/pwrc 
1 Alexa PL Port Cap 
1 12V Arri Alexa AKS Cable
1 Arri Alexa Ethernet Cable
1 Arri Alexa Bridgeplate Adapter for Arri Baseplates
1 5-pin XLR (M) to 3-pin XLR (F) Audio Y-Cable - 18”
1 Arri BP-12 Sliding Baseplate for Alexa Camera w/ 2x 3/8-16 Screws 
1 Dovetail for Sliding Baseplate 
1 Shoulder Pad for Arri Alexa
Anton Bauer Sandwich Adapter with 4 PowerTap
1 XLR 3-pin to Fischer 2-pin (F) Alexa 24V Power Cable (10’)
1 XLR 3-pin to Fischer 2-pin (F) Alexa 24V Power Cable (25’)
2 Arri 19mm Support Rods Steel 13.6" 
1 USB A-type to B-type cable 
1 Owner’s manual
1 Innerspace Case for Alexa Body with Accesories
1 Sony USB SxS Card Reader/Writer w/ pwrc
5 Sony 32gb SxS PCI-Express Card w/ case 
2 Sony 64gb SxS PCI-Express Card w/ case 

Contax Zeiss 4 lens set with Leitax EF mounts (Used)

Great! “Like-New” condition



Canon EOS C300 (NEW 14,699.00) 
EOS C300 Body (with Grip/Camera cover R-F-3)
Monitor Unit
Handle Unit
Battery Pack BP-955
Battery Charger CG-940
Compact Power Adapter CA-940
Eye Cup
Viewfinder Cap
Thumb Rest
WFT Attachment
Measuring Hook
AC Cable x2
DC Cable (for CA-940)
Shoulder Strap SS-1200
XF Utilities Disc Ver. 3.0 


We have a set of 6 Cooke S4 Mini lenses.







All lenses are measured in feet. No mechanical or optic issues. The set will also include a case. It has been sent to Duclos for evaluation in mid January. All lenses were sent back with a great condition. 

We are looking for:

Red Epic Dragon

Red Weapon MG Package

Red Weapon Carbon Page

Canon C300 Mark II

Sony FS700

Red Scarlet X

Red Scarlet Dragon Package

Arri Alexa Mini Package

Arri Alexa XT Package

Arri Alexa Classic

Email us at ​



Are client is looking to sell 4 of his excellent condition Contax lenses, 28mm 2.0, 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.4.

They have a unified front ring thread of 77mm (80mm cap), removable focus ring and Leitax EF mounts.

He is located in the UK, Manchester. If you're in the UK and want to check them out, be his guest.

Cooke S4 Mini Set of 6 (Used)

Red Epic Dragon (Used)

Arri Alexa Plus Complete Package and Accesories

Arri Alexa Plus Package
Arri Alexa Plus 
Camera Body w. LDS List Price
66,579.00 Condition 
Arri Alexa SXS Module 7,770.00 USED
ProRes Codec Option For Alexa 5,196.00 USED
Arri Alexa EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder 9,104.00 USED
Arri Alexa VMB-2 802.00 USED
Arri Alexa-Viewfinder Extension Bracket 497.00 USED
Arri Alexa Viewfinder Cable Short (1.2ft) 396.00 NEW
Arri Alexa Viewfinder Cable Medium (2.1ft) 413.00 USED
Arri Alexa Ethernet Cable (9.8ft) 175.00 USED
Arri Alexa 12V Accesory Cable 194.00 NEW
Arri BP-1 Bridge Adapter Plate 106.00 USED
Arri Alecxa CCH-1 Center Camera Handle 408.00 USED
Arri HEB-2 Handle Extension Block 265.00 USED
ARRI LB-1 Leveling Bock For Alexa 87.00 USED
Arri Alexa Battery Adapter Back for Gold Mount 438.00 USED
AC- Power Supply 221W/24V Power 349.00 USED
6.5' 24V 3-Pin Power Supply Cable for Alexa 270.00 NEW
Arri Alexa Inncerspace Case With Accessories 695.00 USED
TV Logic 5.6" VFM-056W Montior w/ waveform 1,295.00 USED
7.4V Panasonic Battery Bracket 70.00 USED
TV Logic Sunhood for VFM-056W 110.00 USED
Noga Cine Arm with 1/4"-20 Base 140.00 USED
2 Panasonic VW-VBG6 Lithion-Ion Battery 7.2V 330.00 USED
Panasonic VW-VBG6 Lithion-Ion Battery 7.2V Charger
Anamorphic / Highspeed Licenses 2,422.67
2 64 GB SxS Cards 3,600.00 USED
Camera Specs:

Alexa Plus 16:9 Sensor w/ LDS
Anamorphic and HighSpeed Licenses. 
Hours 1,450